Yamuna Biodiversity Park

Cafeteria at Ranal Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Pantry and VIP Toilet with Landscape

Bamboo Museum

State Level Energy Park at Bangalore

Security Shed

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Yamuna Biodiversity Park

The Project is located in the north of New Delhi for rejuvenating the biodiversity of the Yamuna River Basin. Delhi University has chosen bamboo as the chief building material in Yamuna Biodiversity Park. The project consists of 15 m long and 12 m wide Bamboo Bridge, gazebo for rain shelter and public amenities block. The project attempts to create awareness about economical and sustainable bridges that can be made from Bamboo in place of steel bridges to solve the connectivity problem of villages.

Bamboo Bridge highlights:

The structure of the bridge is based on the ‘Arched Truss’ system and was assembled in 20 days. The bridge is 15m long and 13m wide and has a height of 3m from the finished floor level. The starting height of the bridge with respect to the water level is 2m while the centre of the bridge from the water level is 1m. The bridge is designed to handle a maximum load of 400 kg/sq m, in accordance with the provisions of ‘IRC-6-2000’ code of practice for Bridges. The deck of the bridge is made with hollow and solid bamboos of 2”to 2.5” diameter and the railing is made of bamboos having a diameter of 1.5” to 2”. Corrugated Bamboo mat has been used for the roofing. The end points of the truss are bolted to 16mm MS plate grouted to the end supports and wooden bracket has been provide at every 10’ to support the 2” deck and the roof.

Gazebo highlights:

The gazebo covers a total area of 100 sq ft and rise to a height of 9’ from the finished floor level. Bamboo tiles, which were subjected to hot and cold treatment, have been used for roofing and were fixed with interlocking joints. No nails have been used for the roofing. The flooring is done with cement and stone.

Public toilets highlight:

This is the first public toilet constructed in Bamboo. It covers a total area of 426 sq ft. The flooring is cement flooring.

Client: DDA, Biodiversity Foundation and University of Delhi

Location: Biodiversity Park near Yamuna River, New Delhi

Contractor: Aditi Constructions

Consultant: Tor Steel Foundation

Completion Date: 2007

Cafeteria at Ranal Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

This project was to convert open roof top into semi open Cafeteria with bamboo and acrylic sheet. The project was executed such as it should not stop open air breeze and the sun light. The Software Company employee did not have space for Tea and coffee and lunch. We have used treated bamboo strips and some hardware materials to fix the strips such that it should look good also and creepers can easily climb on it. The door was the combination of bamboo and acrylic sheets. This project has become so popular that it was covered and published in India Today.


Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Contractor: Aditi Constructions

Total Area: 680 sq ft.

Pantry and VIP Toilet with Landscape

Pantry and VVIP toilet with landscape at Rajbhavan

This building has been remodeled from a dilapidated brick building standing next to an exquisite glass house which the then governor Mrs. Ramadevi got constructed to entertain her VIP guests. There could not have been a better place and project to uplift the status of bamboo from the ‘poor man's timber’ to a ‘glamorous material’ for the most elite class of the country –The Bureaucrats and politicians.

Bamboo Crete walls have been used with cement plaster for all the walls with openings left in the plaster to serve as windows. The project uses recycled materials up to 60% from the old buildings including the understructure of the roofing .The roofing is corrugated Bamboo mat sheets developed at IPIRTI, Bangalore. Fascia of 3mm bamboo mat board (BMB) has been put for protection against sun and lashing rain.

We braved to use the BMB sheets for the pantry counter, which has been covered on to a Ferro cement top cast on site and then a given PU coating. The pantry has been in use continuously for the last 3 years with no complaint .The paintings on the two sides are the tribal paintings from Karnataka called Chitara from Shimoga. The bamboo artisans of Shimoga decorate their exquisite craft with these paintings.


Client: Rajbhavan

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Total Area: 1341 sq ft.

Completion Date: 2001

Bamboo Museum

This is the only Bamboo museum in India. To flourish sustainably, museums must value and protect natural and cultural environments and remain sensitive towards its impact on visitors. This project shows the usage of bamboo in various forms in construction and interiors.

The central dome is glazed. The roofing for the exhibition hall and the passage is Bamboo Mat Corrugated Sheet (BMCS). The flooring is of cement oxide flooring in combination of red and black. Walls are made of Bamboo Crete Walls. Inner wall is of plaster or round bamboo finish or Bamboo Mat Board. Bamboo Mat Boards in combination with glazing is used for the doors. The wood for the doors is of neem and other locally available seasoned wood.

Client: Palampur, Himachal Pradesh

Location: Palampur, Himachal Pradesh

State Level Energy Park at Bangalore

The project covers a total area of 17 Acres, of which, 14 Acres has been dedicated to landscaping. Complete bamboo based construction has been used for all Civil structures to reduce embodied and transport energy along with recycled debris, concrete block stones, and bamboo and Neem tree for timber. Rainwater harvesting treatment systems have been installed to recharge the pits and the four water bodies. Bio-gas plant has been installed to treat waste from the solar kitchen and the public toilet. Recycled and bio-degradable materials have been used for all landscaping features like playing equipments, sculptures, pergolas, gazebos etc. 100% of the gross floor area is naturally ventilated, even in peak time. 2.1 kwp of solar energy system has been installed for the solar hut. 2 8.2kwp of solar energy is consumed for over-all lighting and other purposes. The project uses solar water heating system for swimming pool and food court, parabolic solar cooker for food court and solar garden lights and street lights. A 1.5kv wind- solar hybrid system is attached to the bore well for lifting water. The Bio-gasifiers use all the twigs, branches etc. to produce heat energy. A micro hydel-electric system is used for a small waterfall.

Components of the project:

  • Solar Hut- 1000 sqft full fledged 2- Bedroom house constructed with Bamboo, with bamboo furniture’s, bamboo light fittings, bamboo chandelier complete with landscaping with bamboo!

  • Food Court – solar show kitchen constructed with Bamboo with parabolic solar cooker and biogas cooking arrangement from its waste.

  • Public Toilet – pay and use toilet constructed completely out of Bamboo with red oxide flooring.

  • 5 Garden pavilions are with bamboo columns and various types of bamboo roofings—BMCS, BMB and Ferro cement on bamboo understructure.

  • Bamboo bridge – A 6 m long 1.5 m wide bamboo bridge near the mini hydroelectricity plant over a lotus pool.

  • Swimming pool, Change Rooms for the swimming pool are spiral shaped and made completely of bamboo.

  • Bamboo pergola and space frames, garden lights, fences, screens are part of the landscape.

Buildings Systems  -- 80 % of the building materials used are either recycled, recyclable or bio-degradable – More than 70 % is Bamboo.

  • Foundation: 2”dia MS pipes grouted in .45x.45x.45 foundation to receive the Bamboo columns.0.6m strip foundation for walls.

  • Columns : Chemically treated 4” Bamboo columns grouted into the 2”MS pipes.

  • Wall: Bamboo Crete walls- a grid of 1” bamboo splits to covered with mesh and plastered.

  • Roof understructure: 4” dia treated Bamboo with bolted and grouted its. – A pyramid space structures, truss systems etc.

  • Roofing: BMCS (Bamboo Mat Corrugated Sheet), BMB (Bamboo Mat Board) Ferro cement with bamboo grid.

  • Furniture and: 4” dia round bamboo, 2” dia bamboo and BMB used for

  • Light fixtures furniture.

Client: State Level Energy Park, Bangalore

Location: Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain, Bangalore

Contractor: Aditi Constructions, Bangalore, Karnataka State Habitat Centre, Bangalore, Tata BP Solar [India] Ltd.

Total Area: 17 Acres

Completion Date: 2004

Security Shed

We constructed a Security shed as a prototype shelter at the Dayalbagh University in Agra. This project which was executed in 2005 was a response to prove the performance of the Bamboo as a reliable building material.

Client: Dayalbagh University, Agra

Location: Dayalbagh, Agra, U.P

Completion Date: 2005